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o•to•lith: small calcareous body in the inner ear of vertebrates, involved in sensing gravity and movement.
sample works  sample works

Here are some examples of works done by otolithe or by the people working for us.

AMOP website

AMOP is the Association Méditerranéenne des Organisations de Producteurs and regroups cooperatives and producers associations from around the French Mediterranean littoral.

The work reboot work done by otolithe on the AMOP website focused on a complete redesign from the ground up, on reorganising the content from the old website and on developing an administration tool that allows the site owners to publish news, documents and pictures.

PPEAO project

The PPEAO project is developped by IRD and aims at integrating 30 years of artisanal and scientific fisheries sampling data in a single database. otolithe is working on Phase 3 of the project, which involves automating backend database migration and data processing, as well as developing a user-friendly, web-based front-end for data administration and selection/extraction of fisheries data and statistics.

RÉMIGE project

The Rémige project is developped by IRD and aims to understand and then predict how environmental variability influences the functioning of marine ecosystems. otolithe is involved in developing a module allowing the users to perform statistical analysis and data visualisation. The module uses a Thredds server and users can build and use their own R functions on the Rémige datasets.

Zoë Avril's blog

The Zoë Avril blog was created in March 2008.
The development of the whole site took a mere week, including graphic design, implementation and deployment.
The idea was to use an existing content management tool (WordPress) to offer an extremely quick response to a client's needs.
otolithe can thus provide you with a fast solution for creating a visualy appealing website for a project, including everything you need to manage your content (post articles, news, documents, videos...) and broadcast it (RSS feeds, search engines optimization...).


The AOOS was developped between October 2007 and January 2008 for French IRD.
The site allows visitors to browse through a comprehensive archive of oceanic satellite images time series compiled by IRD.
Visitors can browse through the whole archive with an user-friendly selector, display the series as static images or as animations, to visually compare multiple time series for different parameters or areas...
Users can then download the images of the selected series, as simple "quickviews" or in raw format.
The application was created using PostgreSQL for data storage, PHP for all the backend logic and a mix of XHTML, CSS and AJAX for the user interface.
Note: the current design and layout of AOOS has been heavily changed by the client, and does not represent what otolithe originaly did (click the thumbnail on the right for a screenshot of the original application).


The site was created in May 2007.
This site provides a free service to the Fisheries community: fishnews collects fisheries meetings information from the websites of the major RFBs and presents them on a single website, using an attractive, easy to use interface, that looks just like your usual calendar. The information is updated on a weekly basis to bring the most up-to-date meeting schedule.
fishnews allows users to filter meetings by categories, month and year, and offers a search tool to find the meetings they're looking for.
The site is fully conformant with the W3C's XHTML and CSS standards.

The site was created in June 2006.
This site allows Claude Roux (from French CNRS) to easily disseminate his scientific publications.
The site allows the owner to easily upload, post and manage scientific publications, which can be downloaded by the visitors.
The site is fully conformant with the W3C's XHTML and CSS standards, and uses Unicode to provide for content in non-Latin languages.

The site was created in March 2006 for an IUCN project.
This site has been designed as an information hub, which allows visitors to access a wide host of information related to fisheries agreements in West Africa, fisheries management in the sub region, and activities and publications of the project.
Site features include tools to post and edit online news, links and documents, as well as French and English versions of all the contents.
The site is fully conformant with the W3C's XHTML and CSS standards.
Olivier Roux designed, created and maintained from 2002 to 2005, including:

figis project figis
FIGIS is the Fisheries Global Information System of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations. Olivier Roux participated in the design and initiation of the FIGIS project, from 1999 to 2002, including:
  • gathering and rationalisation of user requirements
  • high level system design and UML modeling
  • XML DTD design and markup of documents
  • Web front-end design and creation
  • XSLT formatting of data for end-user presentation
  • training of partner institutions to FIGIS technologies

translations translations

Here are some sample documents translated from English to French by our translators:

  • Report of the Seventh Session of the Scientific Committee of IOTC
    [pdf: EN, FR]
  • 2006 Resolutions adopted by IOTC [pdf: FR]
Our clients include, amongst others, IOTC, COI, IUCN and SWIOFC.


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