otolithe - we provide all kind of services related to fisheries information: web sites, content management systems, databases, translations, training...
o•to•lith: small calcareous body in the inner ear of vertebrates, involved in sensing gravity and movement.
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Otolithe specialises in Information Technologies [?] in relation to Fisheries and Aquaculture.
We provide custom solutions for Fisheries Management Organisations and other stakeholders, taking advantage of both our knowldege of fisheries issues and our experience in information processing and dissemination.

We are strongly committed to cross-platform [?], open source-based [?] solutions, ensuring that what we deliver can be easily deployed and maintained, while reducing technoloy-related costs.

Our core activities are design, creation and maintenance of websites, as well as fisheries data solutions. We also provide training and translation services in the fisheries field.

design, creation and maintenance of websites web design
  • graphic design: visual identity, graphic charter...
  • content creation: putting your content on the Web.
  • web applications design and implementation: databases, data-dissemination and management front-ends.
  • routine maintenance and updates: ensuring your site stays running and up-to-date.

fisheries data solutions data solutions
  • databases: database structure design and implementation, data migration, web-based data-dissemination tools.
  • XML [?] markup of documents: converting your documents to XML.

training training
  • introduction to XML: what is it and how to use it.
  • tutorials on web content creation and publishing: creating web pages and web applications.
  • using web-based information dissemination tools: installing and running a web server, a database server, a scripting language...

translation translation
  • translation of technical papers, meeting reports... from/to English, French, Spanish and Chinese.
  • our translators have an extensive knowledge of the fisheries and aquaculture fields, as well as of the legal and economics areas.
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