otolithe - we provide all kind of services related to fisheries information: web sites, content management systems, databases, translations, training...
o•to•lith: small calcareous body in the inner ear of vertebrates, involved in sensing gravity and movement.
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Otolithe is a small and flexible company relying on a network of young but experienced professionals.

our network our network
Otolithe offers the services of a number of consultants, covering a wide range of talents:
  • graphical designers
  • web designers and webmasters
  • fisheries and aquaculture experts
  • information systems and information technologies professionals
  • translators

our origins our origins

Otolithe was founded in 2005 by Olivier Roux, agronomist and fisheries & aquaculture expert, with a strong experience in fisheries data and information systems. His professional experiences include:

More details can be found here.

Otolithe is a company registered in France under the SIRET number 488 776 428 00010.

why otolithe why otolithe?

Otolithe is the French spelling for "otolith". According to the New Oxford American Dictionnary, an otolith is a "small oval calcareous body in the inner ear of vertebrates, involved in sensing gravity and movement."

Otoliths are important for animals, since they allow them to orient themselves, but they are also important to fisheries scientists because they bring knwoledge about an animal's age and growth.

We chose the name "otolithe" because it carries a sense of growth, balance, knowledge and technology.

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